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Readers Respond: Best Twist Endings

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Are there any twist endings that I missed on my list? Which ending is your favorite? What are your favorites?

secret Window

this movie is about a writter who got divorced from his wife, and lives in a house on the woods. One day he receives a copy of a novel that has the same tittle as the one hes writting, except the novel is by another author. A man then comes threatens him saying that he had copied his story and after murdering his dog, killing a neighbor, and burning his exs house he then comes to find out that they are the same person.!
—Guest Jessi

Bag of bones

The best movie I swear the only bad part is it's so long but anyways The narrator, Mike Noonan, a bestselling novelist, suffers severe writer's block after his pregnant wife Jo suddenly dies in an accident. Four years later, Mike, still grieving, is plagued by nightmares set at his summer house in TR-90 (an unincorporated town named for its map coordinates), Maine. He decides to confront his fears and moves to his vacation house on Dark Score Lake, known as Sara Laughs. On his first day, he meets Kyra, a 3-year-old girl and her young widowed mother, 21-year-old Mattie Devore. Mattie's father-in-law is Max Devore, an elderly rich man who will do anything to gain custody of his granddaughter, Kyra. Drawn to Kyra and Mattie, Mike hires John Storrow, a custody lawyer, for Mattie, and things start looking up. Mike begins to write again, and realizes that Jo's ghost is helping him to solve the mystery of Sara Tidwell, a blues singer whose ghost haunts the house. He also learns that Jo frequ
—Guest yesi

The Uninvited

*SPOILER ALLERT* Crazy crazy ending! This movie is about a girl named Anna who's has been in a psychiatric institution for ten months, following her suicide attempt after her terminally ill mother died in a boathouse fire. In the beginning of the movie, it shows Anna being discharged from the institution. Anna has no recollection of the fire, but she has reoccurring dreams from that night. Anna also had a sister - Alex who died in the fire as well but Anna believes she's still alive and throughout the movie she's talking to her and telling her things. Anna's father has a new girlfriend too, her name is Rachel. Anna And Alex believe Rachel to be a murderer because they can't find any records of her. But it turns out that Rachel just changed her last name to escape an abusive boyfriend. Anyhow, Anna kills Rachel and she goes back to the mental institute. And you don't find out until the end that Anna is just imagining Alex until her father tells her that she was killed in the fire as wel
—Guest Bella

Lovely Molly

What looked like a typical movie where a former junky girl starts seeing ghosts but no one believes her seems predictable, right? WRONG! A couple moves into Mollys childhood home and she starts hearing voices of her father who btw sexually assaulted her as a child but also passed away some years earlier. She keeps loosing control of her actions abd no one believes her. SPOILER: The fact is, we dont know wth happened. Was she possed or did she go
—Guest Guest from AZ

The ring

I love this movie. I really like the part when samara climbs through the tv into the real world and the guy is like. "Oh crap I'm going to die aren't I" it was so Funny. WHAT! Sometimes I laugh at horror movies they came be funny
—Guest Kristy

Dead silence

So basically if u havent seeny he movie, a guy and his wife had just gotten a doll in the mail. He finds it creepy, but she insists on keeping it. When he leaves the house and comes back, she's dead, with no trace of murder evidence. So he takes the doll back to his hometown because he remembers a poem about a creepy old lady who "had no children only dolls" and her name was Mary shaw. Turns out his father's dating someone new and it's creepy because deaths start going around town and their dead bodies have only their tongue ripped out. In Her notes, she talked about making the perfect doll. Mary Shawn's rhyme "or she'll rip tongue out at the seam" turnsoutreason Mary shawl was killedbecause a relative of his ha beemissing and she was blamed and she'd been trying to kill off the rest of his ancestors thru her dolls. She was posing as his father's girlfriend and kills protagonist (spoiler alert) His father was killed a LONG TIME AGO and HE was the perfect doll. she was using his tongue
—Guest Jo

apartment 143

its about a mother who died now the dad has to take care of the kids and the mother haunts them and ghost hunters come in tries to find out why she dioes it
—Guest veronica

good movie plots

Shutter island, the skeleton key, sixth sense. Loved these
—Guest riegenbuug

Fear Island

It is about 7 people on Cabin Island, Mark(Aaron Ashmore) Jenna(Haylie Duff) Megan(Lucy Hale) Tyler(Kyle Schmid) Kyle(Jacob Blair) Ashley(Jessica Harmon) and Keith(Jim Thorburn). They are stalked by the prey mysterious killer on the cabin island. The killer kill one by one each of the victim. One of them escape from the cabin island...One of them could be killer......Six of them were killed by the killer at the cabin island . SPOILER ALERT!!! IF you want watch it then don't read ahead!!!!!!!!!! IF you want watch it then don't read ahead!!!!!!!!!! The Killer is Megan. Megan is the killer and killed them all and escape from Cabin Island. It very huge twist ending!
—Guest Roberto

Drag me to hell

Bloody awesome best scary movie ever made I loved it
—Guest Weezymuz

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

This film is about an American writer, Sam, who had briefly witnessed a struggle between a woman and a mysterious black-gloved assailant dressed in a raincoat at a small art gallery in Rome. The woman was stabbed and the other person escapes. However, the woman, Monica, managed to survive and the police decided to keep Sam's passport as they considered him an important witness to what may be the dangerous maniac they have been trying to find who had already killed three women. But Sam just couldn't remember clearly what he had seen in the art gallery and feels that there was something odd to it. After the incident, the killer had tried to kill him and kept taunting him with phone calls. The killer had even tried to kill his girlfriend and had also continued to murder more women. Some of the suspects were Monica's husband, who seemed very suspicious, Sam's friend Carlo and even an unknown man who had tried to kill him. However, in the end the shocking truth was revealed....
—Guest Bryan


i think the movie name is assault am not sure but it is about a policewoman and i think she was in trouble and she went to stay with her sister and her sister live with some ladies
—Guest shan

Could someone help me name this movie?

I don't know what this movie is called but it's about these kids (teens) at a summer camp were there is a killer who starts killing them off one by one until there's only two kids left (a boy and a girl) they keep trying to kill the killer but he won't die and he's already killed a couple police officers in the end the kids escape to a cabin in the woods were they think they're safe but the killer jumps through a window on top of the girl in the end they just show the girl being carted off but wenever know what happened to the killer or the boy.
—Guest Evan

The Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key ending is one of my favorites. One of the biggest surprises ever. What I also like about it is that it wasn't just got a single moment but keeps going. It starts with "The circle you've built around yourself isn't to keep us out, it's to keep you in!" (or something like that) Then the whole reveal starts and just keeps going. The souls of the servants were transferred to the children and they keep looking for new young bodies. The final scene shows our protagonist now trapped in the body of the old woman. I never saw it coming!
—Guest Rozzea

Asylum Blackout

Its about a blackout in an asylum.. theres a crazy twist i still don't understand it but maybe you would if you watch it.
—Guest Joe

What are your favorites?

Best Twist Endings

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