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Readers Respond: Best Twist Endings

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Are there any twist endings that I missed on my list? Which ending is your favorite?

My favorites

My favorite horror endings: 1. Saw--I couldn't believe it when the corpse stood up and turned out to be the mastermind behind all of it! 2. Triangle--*spoiler alert* the whole movie was just one big mind-crunching puzzle. I literally sat there with pencil and paper trying to figure out all the Jess's but couldn't do it; it was too confusing. It take the time paradox to a whole new level. 3. Silent Hill--*spoiler alert* just when you think everything has finally ended, they throw you the biggest shock of all--the mother and daughter, without knowing it, are forever trapped in the dark world of silent hill... 4. Final Destination--*spoiler* I don't know about you, but I found that crashing billboard at the end pretty surprising. 5. Shutter Island--*spoiler* though the whole happening-inside-your-head thing has been done to death, it was still pretty cool. I kept expecting him to have another twist and say everything was real though.
—Guest th_poodle

A Perfect Getaway

The genres in this movie say that it is Action/Adventure, but it is so much more than that. I almost has a heartattack when I figured out out who the killers were. Ok well basically the movie centers around 3 couples (if you watch the movie remember all of there names) Cliff and Sydney, Gena and Nick, and Kale and Kleo. Cliff and Sydney are newly weds and they are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. But what they don't know is that there have been murdersaround i their area. They first meet Kale and Cleo who are a bit weird. Then they meet Nick, who saves Sydney from falling off a cliff, and they meet up with Gena. They end up taking a trail down to the beach on the island of Kua where they find that Kale and Cleo have been arrested and convicted of the crimes. But are they really? SPOILER ALERT! Gena finds Cliffs camera after Nick and Cliff go kayaking and finds out that Sydney and Cliff have taken the identitys of a different couple.
—Guest Mitch

The Others

Actually, The Others is a usual horror movie about a haunted house. But, the ending changes everything!
—Guest Farren

my favorite horror film twist ending

1. sleepaway camp 2. Dead Silence 3. Saw 4. The Mist 5. Frailty


Psycho, without a doubt, is one of my top 10 films of all time. Not just horror, but all films. It's funny, but I was talking to my Mother-in-law about Psycho a few months ago. I saw it when I was young (too young to understand some parts) so the big twist was wasted on me. I asked what it was like to see it in the theater in 1960. She said that everyone in the packed house made some sort of noise from a "UHHHH!" to real screams at the big twist ending. I wish I could see it now, for the first time, without knowing the twists the movie takes so I could react to the story as it unfolds. Psycho is a Masterpiece. Case in point. If you missed it, I know I did until my wife pointed it out, when Norman is in jail, starring at the camera, as the shot starts to fade, Normans face changes to Mother's grinning skull. It's very subtle and only shows for a second but it's true genius on the part of Hitchcock.
—Guest Yokozuna

The Sixth Sense

OK, this one did it for me. I didn't see it coming at all. In fact, my wife and I sat through a 2nd showing with only a restroom break and popcorn refill. Too bad that M. Night Shyamalan can't equal this effort and keeps making movie that just don't do it for me. When I see his name on a movie now, I consider it a warning label not to bother watching.
—Guest Yokozuna


No orphan definitely has the best twist ending ever! basically a mother loses her baby, she adopts this russian girl who's about 9. She's really sweet at first but starts doing all this scary stuff and her mum is noticing but has no proof. The girl burnt down her brothers tree house while he was in it and killed a nun. SPOILER ALERT!!! Anyway the mum calls the number of the orphanage the girl is meant to be from and turns out it's a mental institution. The girl is actually a 35 year old woman who is physically smaller and younger looking due to a disease. She moves in with a new family and tries to seduce the dads and when they reject her she kills them. The mental institution tells the mum this and the mum races home because she has left the girl with the dad. The girl has already killed the father and chases the mum into the lake which has frozen over. The ice cracks the fall in, the girl screams 'Save me mummy!' the mum yells 'I'm not your f***ing mummy', kicks a knife in her face.
—Guest Katieeee

The Uninvited

This girl (forgot her name) was in a mental hospital after seeing her mother die in a fire. When she goes back home to her father and sister she meets the lady that use to take care of her mom...and finds out that she is married to her dad. Throwout the movie her sister and her start gathering info on the woman and blame her for her mothers fire. This all leads to her sister killing the woman. The father couldn't do anything because he wasn't there. Spoiler Alert her sister was dead all along,she died in the fire so the girl herself had killed the woman and she got sent back to the mental hospital.
—Guest butters -im a girl-

Shutter Island

I have read Denis Lehane's novel but haven't watched the movie yet. I think Shutter Island's twist ending deserves to be in this list, I really love it. Also, have you seen Dead Birds (2004)? A real gem of western horror. A group of Confederate soldiers who hole up in an abandoned plantation after robbing a bank, and find themselves at the mercy of supernatural forces. Spoiler alert!! At the beginning of the film, when the bank robbers arrive at the plantation, they saw a beast running towards them and shot it dead. At the end, when a lone survivor escapes the horror of the haunted mansion and ran towards a bunch a coming soldiers, they shot him dead. The twist is that the soldiers saw the guy as a strange and menacing beast. I think it is the effect of a spell surrounding the plantation. Excellent horror, if you ask me. The film looks very polished, got a good script and has an eerie atmosphere.
—Guest Croaker


Crossdressing lunatic; no big deal today but in 1960 the ending was as shocking and unique as twist to knock off the film's star so early in the film. Jaime Lee's mom was a "looker" for sure.

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