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The Wise Old Woman

Submit an Entry: If I Was in a Horror Movie, This Is How I'd Survive

By ermother

Who I would be

The wise old woman.

How the movie would play out

I'd gather all the 'victims' together, and use my life experiences, & common sense, as well as my intelligence, to guide them through the dangers, in spite of the youngsters rolling their eyes at 'Granny's' orders.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. This works in real life also.
  • Put away the destractions, such as iPods, cel phones, etc.
  • Note: you could use your cel to text appropriate warnings to other groups, depending on the adversaries' abilities.
  • Use your emergency kit, (you DO REALLY HAVE a pick-up-and-go bag for emergencies, don't you?), so why wouldn't your character have one, to be used for basic survival gear? Didn't you watch McGiver?
  • In real life, I survive horror movies, by not wasting my money on them! LOL
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