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'Asylum Blackout' (2012)


'Asylum Blackout' movie poster
© IFC Midnight

Synopsis: George, Max and Ricky are in a rock band. Between small gigs and rehearsals, they hope for their big breakthrough. In the meanwhile, someone has to pay the bills! So they work in the kitchen of a high security asylum. Good pay, minimum risk -- they have no physical contact with the inmates. One night, just before dinner time, a big storm shuts down the security system, the doors open and the lunatics break loose. Help is on its way and should soon arrive. They just have to wait for it…and survive until then.

Cast: Rupert Evans, Dave Legeno, Anna Skellern, Joseph Kennedy, Richard Brake, Kenny Doughty, Darren Kent

Director: Alexandre Courtès

Studio: IFC Midnight

MPAA Rating: NR

Running Time: 85 minutes

Release Date: May 4, 2012 (in theaters and on demand/digital outlets)

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