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'The Walking Dead' Main Cast and Characters


A list of the main cast and characters for the AMC TV show The Walking Dead.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes (Seasons 1-4)

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC

Rick Grimes is a small-town sheriff's deputy who wakes from a coma to an undead apocalypse and sets off in search of his family. Rick is an everyman -- smart, calm, just, a good friend and father -- but will often stubbornly cling to his personal strong moral code. 

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes (Seasons 1-3)

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC

Lori is Rick's wife and Carl's mother. Believing Rick to be dead, she follows Shane to Atlanta after the apocalypse, counting on her husband's partner to keep her and her son safe. Shortly afterward, Shane and Lori begin having an affair, but when Rick returns from Atlanta alive and well, Lori ends it. Lori is a fiercely protective mother, desperate to keep her son safe. She's also the emotional center of the group of survivors, fighting to maintain their decency and rituals.

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh (Seasons 1-2)

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC

Shane is Rick's partner and best friend since high school. When the apocalypse occurs -- with Rick in a coma -- Shane helps save Lori and Carl by fleeing with them toward Atlanta. Among the survivors, he became the de facto leader, and believing Rick to be dead, he begins an affair with Lori. However, when Rick returns, she ends the relationship, and Shane's influence among the group lessens, causing tension between the partners.

Laurie Holden as Andrea (Seasons 1-3)

Laurie Holden as Andrea in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC
A successful civil rights attorney, Andrea was on a road trip with her younger sister Amy, headed back to Amy's college when the zombie apocalypse occurred. They were rescued by Dale, and they've been living with him ever since. Never one to shy away from a fight, Andrea is headstrong, opinionated and first and foremost interested in keeping Amy safe.

Emma Bell as Amy (Season 1)

Emma Bell as Amy in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC
Amy and her older sister Andrea have made their home in Dale's RV at the camp. She is twelve years younger than Andrea, which causes tension between the sisters -- especially given that Andrea was distant while Amy was growing up. The experience of the apocalypse has strengthened their bond enormously, allowing the sisters to reflect on their different upbringings.

Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale (Seasons 1-2)

Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC
Dale had planned to spend his retirement traveling the country with his beloved wife Irma in their RV, but she passed away from cancer before their dream came to pass. When he meets Andrea and Amy, he forms new family bonds. His age, calm experience and RV provide the nucleus around which the community of survivors has formed. He is wise, sometimes profound and is the respected elder of the group.

Steven Yeun as Glenn (Seasons 1-4)

Steven Yeun as Glenn in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC

Initially referred to as the group's "walker bait," Glenn's love for Maggie, and the group's many misfortunes have pushed him to step up. With people more dangerous than walkers lurking, how far will Glenn be able to push himself to protect the woman he loves?

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes (Seasons 1-4)

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in 'The Walking Dead'.
© TWD Productions/Courtesy of AMC
Carl flees his small town with his mom, Lori, and his dad's best friend Shane. He is a kind boy -- inquisitive and intelligent -- but quiet, struggling to maintain his innocence and cope with loss. In Rick's absence Carl bonds with Shane, who becomes a surrogate father figure for him. Carl worships his father as well and believes Rick to be indestructible. Soon, however, the post-apocalyptic causes Carl to grow up far too fast. Once a child, he is now a soldier. Events unfold that force Carl to grow up even more, and become even harder than he already is.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon (Seasons 1-4)

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in 'The Walking Dead'.
Angry at the members of the group who left his brother Merle for dead, Daryl is on a road of self-discovery now that he is out of his big brother's shadow. He's a tracker. He's observant. And he is fully capable of surviving on his own. However, he is appreciating the concept of family from afar, perhaps for the first time in his life. He slowly starts to develop individual relationships, all the while fighting his instinct to be distant, yet feeding his need for emotional connection like a child. The group is Daryl's new family, but that doesn't mean that the old one is gone for good.

IronE Singleton as T-Dog (Seasons 1-3)

IronE Singleton as T-Dog in 'The Walking Dead'.
Struggling with the guilt of leaving Merle behind on the rooftop, T-Dog feels the need to continually prove his worth to the group. But he is rendered useless and vulnerable. Finding newfound trust in Dale, T-Dog confides in him and discloses a better plan for survival. As time has passes, T-Dog becomes more and more integrated into the group, proving himself to be a capable member of the team. On top of strength and humor, T-Dog brings humanity and kindness to the table, qualities much needed in this ominous world.

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