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'Siberia' TV Show Season 1 Episodes


Siberia poster

Siberia Season 1 episodes.

Season 1 (2013)
Number of Episodes: 13
Intro: When sixteen contestants from around the world are dropped off by helicopter into an ancient Siberian wilderness with only the clothes on their backs, they find themselves in an extreme survival adventure and social experiment with no rules or help from producers or the outside world in a "last man/woman standing" endurance competition. Leaders and followers emerge and their survival is constantly being challenged in the most unexpected and literally life-threatening ways. Everything is on the line as they struggle against the elements, both human and inhuman, natural and unnatural, in a place where misfortune abounds as the fragile fabric of their new society is woven and torn apart from day-to-day. It is a study of humans under great stress who are relentlessly tested with sudden, frightening events and situations that go horribly wrong.
Original Air Dates: July 1 - September 16, 2013 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on NBC

Episode #: 1
Title: "Pilot"
Summary: Sixteen contestants from around the world are dropped off by helicopter into an unpopulated Siberian wilderness. With only the clothes on their backs, the contestants must try to survive this "last man/woman standing" endurance competition with no rules or help from producers or the outside world to win a big cash prize. Leaders and followers emerge as the contestants’ survival is constantly threatened as they are faced with frightening events and unexpected situations that go horribly awry.

Episode #: 2
Title: "A Question of Reality"
Summary: A shocking announcement causes the dwindling number of contestants to lose one more. Emotions are heightened which increases hostility among the contestants. When Esther tricks Victoria into eating uncooked mushrooms, Victoria's suffers a hallucination in which she foresees everyone's deaths. Accusations of theft, discovery of a bloody scene in the woods and the heated arguments centered on food rationing raise more questions in the minds of some contestants about continuing on.

Episode #: 3
Title: "Lyin' and Tiger and Bare"
Summary: Emotions in the group run hot when a fire spontaneously breaks out and sparks of lust are ignited among several contestants. Jeopardy and anxiety heighten with the acute need for food and protection from the Siberian wilderness as Natalie and Anne-Marie claim to have seen a tiger nearby. Although Johnny and Irene (Irene Yee) have killed a deer, the camp's feast is tempered by their fear of what the smell of blood and cooked meat might attract in the night.

Episode #: 4
Title: "Fire in the Sky"
Summary: As a mysterious phenomenon lights up the sky above the settlement, Sam and Daniel discuss relationships, Annie is surprised by Natalie's mixed emotions, and Carolina makes a big revelation. Meanwhile, Neeko tries to keep the other contestants under control but loses control himself.

Episode #: 5
Title: "What She Said"
Summary: Carolina makes an admission to the group, while Esther jockeys for position. Meanwhile, a mysterious sighting in the words sets off a chain reaction that sends the contestants out into the forest to look for one of their own.

Episode #: 6
Title: "Out of the Frying Pan"
Summary: The contestants fear for their lives when they discover the producers' basecamp... empty and covered in blood. Meanwhile, Sam finds the diary detailing the attack on the settlement by mysterious "Valleymen" in 1908, and the group looks to a distant radio tower for salvation.

Episode #: 7
Title: "First Snow"
Summary: As winter arrives in the middle of summer, one group tries to make their way to the beacon while the remaining contestants search the abandoned producers' base camp for supplies.

Episode #: 8
Title: "A Gathering Fog"
Summary: As a fog envelops the settlement and the surrounding area, Johnny, Joyce, Sam, and Daniel try to get to the radio beacon. Meanwhile, the others stay at the settlement and find a startling discovery.

Episode #: 9
Title: "One by One"
Summary: While Johnny, Sam, Daniel, and Joyce settle in at the research station and learn more about the history of the area, Sabina and Neeko are forced to take defensive action when one of the missing contestants returns with shocking news.

Episode #: 10
Title: "Strange Bedfellows"
Summary: The Evenki abduct Neeko, Miljan, and Sabina. Meanwhile, Daniel, Sam, Joyce, and Johnny desperately try to contact the outside world from the research station, but make a startling discovery about their true role in what is going on.

Episode #: 11
Title: "...Into the Oven"
Summary: The Evenki help reunite the contestants at the research center, but the rescue party coming to save them may not be who they claim. Meanwhile, a hidden minefield threatens to end the life of one contestant.

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