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'Supernatural' Television Show


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Premise: Brothers Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) travel the roads of America, tracking and eliminating malevolent supernatural phenomena, from vampires and werewolves to demons and ghosts. They hope to eventually find the demon that killed their mother when they were children, an event that spurred their father, John, to train the boys in the ways of the supernatural and how to become "hunters." Aiding them in their endeavors is the powerful Colt gun that has the ability to kill anything, living or dead, and Sam's newfound psychic ability.

Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Katie Cassidy, Samantha Ferris, Alona Tal, Nicki Aycox, Sterling K. Brown

Years Active: 2005 - present

Network: The CW

Running Time: 60 minutes


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