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15 Overlooked Horror Movies Available Free on YouTube

Hidden Horror Gems Free Online


They might not be classics, but these overlooked horror movie gems are available free online on YouTube.

All the Colors of the Dark (1972)

All the Colors of the Dark
© Shriek Show
Psychedelic imagery highlights this hallucinatory Italian chiller (AKA They're Coming to Get You) about a woman recovering from a miscarriage who is tormented by a satanic cult.

Anatomy (2000)

© Sony
Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity) stars in this polished German chiller (which later spawned a sequel) as a medical student who stumbles upon a secret society that dissects living patients.
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Chasing Sleep (2000)

Chasing Sleep
© Lionsgate
Unfolding like a noirish, surreal play set entirely in one house, this thriller starrs Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, Pleasantville) as a man trying to figure out why his wife never came home from work one day.
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Deathwatch (2002)

© Artisan
A strong cast led by Andy Serkis (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Cottage, Burke & Hare ) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott, Retreat) head this tense, grisly British fright flick about a group of World War I soldiers behind enemy lines who encounter a supernatural evil in a captured German trench.
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Devil Times Five (1974)

Devil Times Five
© Code Red
A bus from the children's ward of a mental hospital crashes in the snow, killing everyone on board except for five little psycho buggers. The children (including a very young Leif Garrett) head towards a house in the hills, where they're taken in by a group of adults who think that they seem like normal enough kids. They couldn't be more wrong, though, as the crazy quintet sets up a series of grisly (yet admirably planned and executed) ambushes -- including the ol' piranha-in-the-bathtub gag.
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Exhibit A (2010)

Exhibit A
© IndiePix
This well-acted, frighteningly realistic British "found footage" feature takes the form of a video tape found in camcorder at murder scene, revealing the secrets of a seemingly normal middle class family that implodes over the course of a few short weeks.
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Frightmare (1974)

© Shriek Show
If Norman Bates' mother were alive and as psychotic as he is, she'd turn out like the matriarch in this British production. Although she spent 18 years in the loony bin, Dorothy still has the compulsion to kill -- and sometimes eat -- with a particular fondness for ye olde electric drill.
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Hide and Creep (2004)

Hide and Creep
© Celebrity Video
If Clerks took place in the Deep South and featured flesh-eating zombies, it might end up a lot like Hide and Creep, an amateurish but charming horror-comedy.
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Horrors of the Black Museum (1959)

Horrors of the Black Museum
This surprisingly gory British fare revolves around a series of fiendishly inventive booby trap murders (eye-spiking binoculars anyone?) that serve as something of a precursor to the modern Saw movies.
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NetherBeast Incorporated (2009)

Netherbeast Incorporated DVD
© Well Go USA
This horror-comedy starring veteran character actors Darrell Hammond (Saturday Night Live) and Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) is a sly parody of corporate culture set in a company secretly run by vampires.
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