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Best Horror Movies of 2012: Direct-to-Video/Limited Releases

Top DTV/Limited Theatrical Release Horror/Suspense Movies of the Year


20. Removal

© Lionsgate
Clever with a dark sense of humor and a strong cast, this twisty thriller finds a mentally unstable carpet cleaner suffering from hallucinations trying to determine whether his newest client's mess is actually the result of a murder.
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19. Exit Humanity

Exit Humanity
© Bloody Disgusting Selects
An unusually dramatic and introspective zombie movie with a Wild West angle that plays like a 19th century feature film version of The Walking Dead.

18. FDR: American Badass!

FDR: American Badass
© Screen Media
This fun, fast-paced, unapologetically silly horror-comedy about a werewolf-fighting Franklin Roosevelt is inspiringly stupid with a non-stop barrage of low-brow humor.

17. The Divide

'The Divide' movie poster.
© Anchor Bay
The grim, intriguing subject matter and strong cast make for an absorbing apocalyptic thriller that plays like Lord of the Flies meets The Road Warrior within 12 Angry Men-like confines.

16. Some Guy Who Kills People

Some Guy Who Kills People
© Anchor Bay
An enjoyably offbeat, expertly performed horror-comedy with both a brain and a heart.

15. Sick Boy

SIck BOy
© Grand
One of the more underrated horror movies of the year, Sick Boy's classic babysitter-in-peril setup is turned on its head when the source of the peril turns out to be the child she's babysitting. Cinematic direction, oodles of atmosphere, a strong cast and realistic, well-rounded characters overcome the low production value and make this a true diamond in the rough.
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14. Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight movie poster
This original, engrossing Spanish thriller that may leave you wanting to take a shower.

13. The Tall Man

'The Tall Man' movie poster.
© Image Entertainment
Not every horror fan's cup of tea -- not particularly scary or gory, but refreshingly original and surprisingly dramatic with a twist that's sure to polarize viewers.

12. The Awakening

'The Awakening' movie poster.
© Cohen Media Group
This attractive period British ghost story with a touching human element is sure to strike a chord with fans of The Others and The Orphanage.

11. Bedevilled

© Well Go USA
A dark, dramatic, slow-building revenge tale from South Korea about a urban businesswoman who decides to vacation on the remote island where she spent her youth, only to find the small, backwards population -- most notably her childhood friend -- under the thumb of abusive misogyny. The tension builds to a bloody climax that leaves no one unscarred.
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