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Point-of-View (POV) and Found Footage Horror Movies

First-Person Films and Mockumentaries


Can't get enough of movies like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield that throw you in the middle of the action? Check out these first-person, "found footage"/POV horror movies, sure to make you pass out -- either from fear or dizzyness.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust
© Grindhouse
This infamous Italian gore-fest is told partially in "found footage" format, as a rescue mission discovers a documentary film crew's missing tapes revealing its ghastly encounter with indigenous Amazonian cannibals.

U.F.O. Abduction (1989)

U.F.O. Abduction (The McPherson Tape)
© Axiom Films

Also known as The McPherson Tape, this essentially real-time early found footage film is presented as home video of an alien encounter that takes place during a birthday party at a rural house. It's hyper-realistic -- for better and worse (e.g., inane dialogue with multiple people speaking at once) -- and remarkably well done for a low-budget movie shot without the benefit of having a bunch of similar films to use as a template.

Ghostwatch (1992)

This realistic British documentary-styled film aired on BBC on Halloween 1992, purporting to be a live broadcast investigating a report of a haunted house. The (not really live) events shown on screen reportedly caused a mini War of the Worlds-type freakout amongst viewers, and the movie has never been shown again on British TV.
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Man Bites Dog (1992)

Man Bites Dog
© Criterion
In this dark Belgian cult hit, a documentary film crew follows a serial killer who murders people on camera, nonchanlantly explaining his approach.
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Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998)

Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County
© Dick Clark Productions

This made-for-TV movie that originally aired on the UPN television network is actually a remake of U.F.O. Abduction. In it, a teenager named Tommy is filming his family's Thanksgiving dinner when he captures aliens on his video camera.The aliens quickly follow him home and, well, do some "probing" around. It plays like Signs meets The Blair Witch Project (even including a tearful farewell from Tommy, a la Blair Witch's oft-parodied scene), although it predates both.

The Last Broadcast (1998)

The Last Broadcast
© Heretic
This intelligent faux documentary investigates the "Jersey Devil murders," the 1995 killings of two hosts of a local public access TV show called Fact or Fiction. The last half of the film consists largely of footage of the "last broadcast" of the show, an Internet transmission from the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, as the show's hosts attempted to uncover evidence of the legendary New Jersey Devil. Similarities to The Blair Witch Project brought the film a good deal of attention, along with theories that The Last Broadcast influenced Blair Witch's production.
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Blair Witch Project (1999)

Blair Witch Project
© Artisan
This surprise hit set the standard for "POV" movies, delivering the chilling tale of a documentary crew filming the story of a legendary witch haunting the Maryland woods. Ad-libbed dialogue and disorienting camerawork heighten the realism. And the nausea.
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The Last Horror Movie (2003)

The Last Horror Movie
© Hart Sharp Video
In this British film, wedding photographer Max moonlights as a serial killer, making home movies of himself as he murders people. He supposedly has taped over the horror movie that we, the audience, has rented in order to make a point about the nature of violence and voyeurism. Good luck getting your $4 back from Blockbuster.

Invasion (2005)

© Lionsgate
B-movie action director Albert Pyun (Cyborg) ventured into horror with this intriguing, ambitious tale of an alien invasion told in "real time" from the point of view of a small town police officer's dashboard camera. The film is essentially one continuous shot, showing police investigating a meteor that turns out to contain a contagious alien force that inhabits the town's citizens and turns them into zombie-like drones -- like being at ground zero of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
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Alone With Her (2006)

Alone With Her
Doug, a geeky high-tech stalker, uses hidden cameras to spy on Amy, the object of his obsession, in this thriller told from the point of view of Doug's cameras. He uses his technology to study Amy and learn her habits, tastes and weaknesses in order to get close to her.
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