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The Weird, Weird West: Horror Westerns


The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

The Valley of Gwangi
© Warner Bros.

This popular creature feature featuring the stop-motion effects of the legendary Ray Harryhausen covers similar ground to The Beast of Hollow Mountain, as American circus folk discover a mysterious valley in Mexico that contains dinosaurs, including an Allosaurus (dubbed "Gwangi") that they attempt to turn into a circus attraction. Mistake.

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Black Noon (1971)

Black Noon
This TV movie combines a period Western with the '70s obsession with Satanism, as a preacher encounters a town controlled by a cult of devil worshippers.

Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)

Godmonster of Indian Flats
© Something Weird
Oddball cult film about a mutant sheep that attacks a small modern-day town whose residents for some reason dress in Wild West gear. Nothing really makes sense here.
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High Plains Drifter (1973)

High Plains Drifter
© Universal

Clint Eastwood's acclaimed epic about a mysterious stranger who is hired to defend a small town against a group of outlaws has supernatural overtones that imply that Eastwood's character is a ghost or reincarnation of a man who'd been whipped to death. Eastwood's 1985 Western Pale Rider has similar, though less explicit, overtones.

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Westworld (1973)

In this techno-thriller directed by novelist Michael Crichton (based on his own book), cowboy robots at a Western-themed amusement park malfunction, with murderous results.
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The Shadow of Chikara (1977)

The Shadow of Chikara
© Paramount

Also known as Curse of Demon Mountain, this supernatural Western stars Joe Don Baker as a Civil War veteran searching for buried treasure on a supposedly cursed mountain.

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House II: The Second Story (1987)

House II: The Second Story
© Anchor Bay

This middling sequel to the hit 1986 horror-comedy House adopts a Western theme, as a man discovers that his parents were killed by a zombie cowboy.

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Ghost Town (1988)

Ghost Town
© New World Pictures
A modern-day policeman tracks a missing woman to a ghost town run by an undead outlaw and his ghostly posse.

Devil Rider (1989)

Devil Rider
© Merlin Miller
An escapee from Hell returns to his earthly stomping ground and kills people staying on the ranch that was built on his territory.

Grim Prairie Tales (1990)

Grim Prairie Tales
© Academy

James Earl Jones and Brad Dourif star in this anthology of Western-themed horror stories told around a campfire.

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