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The 4th Annual Scabbies: Celebrating the Worst Horror Movies of 2010

What Stunk Up the Screen This Year?


Worst 3D Movie: Saw 3D

'Saw 3D' movie poster.
© Lionsgate

Disembowelments in 3-D sound cool and all, but it would've been nice if there was some attempt at a decent plot, particularly with this being the final chapter in the franchise. Talk about going out with a whimper.

Runner-up: Resident Evil: Afterlife


Worst Attempt to Launch a Franchise: Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex DVD
© Warner Bros.
Shallow characters, bland action, a lame story and Josh Brolin doing a Sling Blade impression don't exactly make audiences clamor for more.

Worst Rip-off: Terror Inside

Terror Inside DVD
© Cinema Epoch

The Crazies minus the budget, the star power, the action, the scares and the viewers.

Biggest Waste of Talent: Legion

'Legion' movie poster.
© Screen Gems

A nonsensical, cliché-ridden script renders a talented cast (Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Walsh, Charles S. Dutton, Kevin Durand) flat and ineffective.

Runner-up: After.Life 


Worst Movie from a Legendary Director: Dario Argento, Giallo

Mother of Tears DVD
© Dimension

Argento's latest effort is melodramatic with a stupefying script that asks us to overlook glaring, ridiculous plot details almost -- but not quite -- as bad as his previous film, Mother of Tears.

Runner-up: George Romero, Survival of the Dead

Most Disappointing American Debut: Fruit Chan, Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up DVD
© E1

Incoherent and overacted with mediocre effects, this first English-language effort from Fruit Chan (Dumplings) is little more than yet another Asian-styled "curse" movie (think The Ring or The Grudge) with a stringy haired ghost woman popping out of every little crevice.

Runner-up: Luis Berdejo, The New Daughter

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Most Annoying Characters: Four Boxes

Four Boxes DVD
© E1

The characters in this talky Baghead-ish pseudo-thriller spew such incomprehensible wannabe-Juno dialogue, I had to turn on the subtitles to understand what the heck they were saying. I shouldn't have bothered.

Runner-up: Harpoon

Biggest Showcase of Uwe Boll's Talent: Alone in the Dark II

Alone in the Dark II DVD
© Vivendi
A dimwitted, poorly acted soozefest that might actually be worst than Boll's original. Yes, apparently, there might actually be lesser directors than Uwe Boll.
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Most Unintentionally Funny, So-Bad-It's-Almost-Good Movie: Mega Piranha

Mega Piranha DVD
© The Asylum

Seriously, how can you not enjoy a movie in which a guy bicycle kicks 13 mutant flying piranhas?

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