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10 Lesser-Known Horror Villains to Dress Up as at Halloween


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Belial ('Basket Case')
Belial in 'Basket Case'.

Belial in 'Basket Case'.

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Your Back Story: You are a malformed conjoined twin, little more than a head and two small arms. You and your brother, Duane, were separated as children, and you're pretty darn bitter about it. You rely on Duane to carry you around in a basket and feed you, and you get jealous if he shifts his attention towards women. You might not have a body, but you're strong and more than capable of chewing and clawing someone to death -- and more than willing.

What You Need for a Costume:

  • A rectangular wicker basket with a lid
  • Flesh-colored papier-mache applied liberally to the face, roughly in the shape of Mount Rushmore
  • Mr. Potato Head arms attached to both sides of your head, with claw-like fingernails glued on
  • Fake hillbilly teeth, filed to a point
  • A black body suit to hide your torso and legs (since you don't have either)

How to Act*: This works best as a two-person job. Your partner would dress as Duane (dark curly hair, naive, unbalanced) and would escort you around with the basket on your head. He would act nervous and shifty, guarding the basket when anyone approaches. If people talk to him, you lift the basket off your head and, snarling unintelligibly and twisting your head back and forth to make your arms flail violently.

*For entertainment purposes. Use common sense, people.

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