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Great Gift Ideas for Horror Movie Fans


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Gifts for Slasher Fans
Marc Ecko Friday the 13th Jason hoodie
© Marc Ecko
Wear this Friday the 13th-styled Marc Ecko jacket and delight in seeing the neighborhood watch dial "9-1" as they wait for you to start your murder spree. This nifty slasher hoodie zips all the way up over your face to form a replica Jason Vorhees hockey mask, complete with leather straps on the back and side of your head. Don't worry: it comes with breathing holes and mesh eye sockets to prevent you from suffocating and/or walking into traffic. (Compare prices)

Other Ideas:

  • Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis deluxe statue set: Relive the battle between good (Dr. Loomis) and evil (Michael Myers) from the original Halloween with this intricately designed recreation. (Compare prices)
  • Freddy Krueger belt buckle: What could go wrong with wearing sharp talons just above your crotch? (Compare prices)
  • Ghostface doll with recordable voice transformer: Sound like Scream villain and perpetual crank caller Ghostface with this collectible 18-inch doll that comes with a built-in voice transformer that allows you to record your voice and listen to it warped into a menacing rasp when you press his stomach. (Compare prices)

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