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10 of the Greatest Horror Movies Never Made


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David Fincher's 'Torso'
David Fincher 'Torso'
© John Shearer (Getty Images)/Image Comics
What is it? Director David Fincher's adaptation of the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis, based on Elliot Ness' true-life pursuit of a Cleveland serial killer. Matt Damon was attached to star alongside Gary Oldman, Casey Affleck and Rachel McAdams, with Ehren Kruger (The Ring, Arlington Road, Scream 3, The Skeleton Key) hired to write the script.

Why didn't it happen? Like the case of the Cleveland Torso Murderer, it remains bit of a mystery. Paramount green lit the project in January 2006, but three years (and apparently much miscommunication) later, the studio let the rights to the project slip back to Bendis without any tangible progress made toward a finished product. Maybe Paramount was concerned that Fincher's reality-based serial killer thriller Zodiac covered similar territory first (in 2007)...and did less than boffo at the box office in the process. Just as likely a culprit is the fact that Fincher and Paramount had a bitter battle over its demand that he cut down the running time of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Will it ever happen? With Fincher's stock skyrocketing following Benjamin Button and The Social Network, he perhaps can direct anything he wants -- meaning he might have grown bigger than Torso. Regardless, with his commitment to direct not only The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but also its two sequels, any plan to return to Torso will have to wait until at least 2013...and probably not at Paramount.

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