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10 of the Greatest Horror Movies Never Made


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William Gibson's 'Alien 3'
William Gibson Alien 3
Photo: Gonzo Bonzo/20th Century Fox
What is it? A third film in the Alien franchise, written by legendary "cyberpunk" science fiction author William Gibson (Neuromancer), which featured the characters of Hicks and Bishop instead of Ripley and included the added dimension of a contagion that turns humans into aliens. The script was reportedly action-heavy, with plenty of hot alien-on-Marine action, although Gibson himself compared it to introspective Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky (Solaris).

Why didn't it happen? The producers simply didn't like the script, a result that happened with several other writers -- including Pitch Black's David Twohy and The Hitcher's Eric Red.

Will it ever happen? Doubtful. The Alien franchise has already moved on to a fourth film and two Predator spin-offs, all without Gibson's input. I suppose it's possible he could be approached again to work on an Alien film, but with plans for an Alien prequel scrapped in 2011, that would be years away, and the storyline would probably have to be quite different from what he previously wrote.

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