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Horror Movie Basics


Consider this Horror 101, where you can learn the basics of horror movies, from sub-genres to major actors and directors to horror film festivals and conventions.
  1. Sub-Genres
  2. Actors and Actresses
  3. Filmmakers
  4. Conventions, Festivals and Fans
  1. Awards
  2. Box Office Charts
  3. Links


Freddy vs. Jason

Find out about the different types of horror movies, from slashers to zombie films to anthologies.

Actors and Actresses

Bruce Campbell

Get to know the major horror movie stars, including biographies and filmographies.


George Romero

Get to know the major horror movie directors and producers, including biographies, interviews and filmographies.

Conventions, Festivals and Fans

Premiere Of The Devils Rejects

Learn about the variety of horror movie conventions and film festivals held around America and throughout the world, including details on the major festivals and a calendar of events.



Discover the horror movies that have been nominated for awards, as well as the award shows dedicated to horror movies.

Box Office Charts

Find out what the most popular horror movies at the box office are.


Discover the biggest and best websites on the Internet devoted to horror movies and TV shows with these links.

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