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Horror Movies on TV: Week of August 17, 2014

What's on TV This Week?


Horror Movies on TV: Week of August 17, 2014
© New Line Cinema

Note: All times Eastern/Pacific, except select channels (e.g., Turner Classic Movies, Sundance, Cinemax and IFC), which are Pacific. Check your local listings.

Sunday 8/17:

12:10 AM Lifeforce [Encore Action]

12:15 AM Deadline [The Movie Channel]

12:20 AM The Call [Encore Black]

1:30 AM Bug (2007) [Showtime Beyond]

1:40 AM Girls Gone Dead [The Movie Channel]

2:00 AM Angel Heart [Encore Black]

2:10 AM Species III [Encore Action]

2:15 AM The Conjuring [ActionMax]

3:15 AM Jack and Diane [Showtime Beyond]

3:35 AM The Blair Witch Project [Epix]

3:35 AM Wolf Creek [Encore Suspense]

3:45 AM Beautiful Creatures [Flix]

4:45 AM Gone [Showtime 2]

4:50 AM The Hills Have Eyes (2006) [MoreMax]

7:25 AM The Call [Encore Black]

7:30 AM Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist [Independent Film Channel]

7:30 AM Mama [HBO]

7:40 AM Cape Fear (1991) [Encore Suspense]

7:45 AM Darkness [Encore]

9:00 AM Halloween: H2O [SyFy]

9:10 AM Predator [Encore Action]

9:10 AM Warning Sign [ThrillerMax]

9:40 AM The Purge [ActionMax]

10:00 AM Exorcist II: The Heretic [Independent Film Channel]

10:05 AM Gone [Showtime Extreme]

10:15 AM The Innkeepers [Showtime Beyond]

10:25 AM Dream House [HBO Signature]

11:00 AM The Colony [Encore Action]

11:00 AM Saw: The Final Chapter [SyFy]

12:00 PM The Uninvited (2008) [Showtime Beyond]

12:05 PM Barrio Tales [The Movie Channel Extra]

12:30 PM The Exorcist III [Independent Film Channel]

12:40 PM Pacific Heights [ThrillerMax]

1:00 PM Hostel Part II [SyFy]

1:15 PM Byzantium [Showtime Showcase]

1:20 PM The Brothers Grimm [Encore Suspense]

2:55 PM Predator [Encore Action]

3:00 PM The Crazies (2010) [SyFy]

3:00 PM One Hour Photo [Encore]

3:35 PM The Dinosaur Project [Showtime Beyond]

4:00 PM Blade [MoreMax]

4:00 PM Pacific Rim [ThrillerMax]

4:30 PM Sea of Love [Sundance]

5:00 PM Dracula 3000 [Showtime Beyond]

5:00 PM Jeepers Creepers [SyFy]

5:10 PM Cape Fear (1991) [Encore Suspense]

6:20 PM The Call [Encore Black]

7:00 PM Jeepers Creepers 2 [SyFy]

8:00 PM Gone [Showtime Extreme]

8:15 PM Stake Land [Showtime Beyond]

8:20 PM The Colony [Encore Action]

8:20 PM R.I.P.D. [Cinemax]

8:50 PM King Kong (2005) [MoreMax]

9:00 PM Battle of the Damned [SyFy]

9:00 PM Byzantium [Showtime Showcase]

9:00 PM Dream House [HBO Signature]

9:00 PM Evil Dead (2013) [Encore Suspense]

9:30 PM World War Z [Epix]

9:45 PM Little Shop of Horrors (1986) [HBO Comedy]

10:00 PM The Devil's Rejects [Showtime Beyond]

10:00 PM Predator [Encore Action]

10:15 PM The Purge [ActionMax]

10:30 PM Saw III [Independent Film Channel]

10:35 PM John Carpenter's Vampires [Encore Suspense]

11:00 PM Drive Angry [SyFy]

11:30 PM Mimic [Flix]

11:55 PM Mimesis [Showtime Beyond]

Monday 8/18:

12:00 AM Pacific Rim [ThrillerMax]

12:25 AM Leviathan [Encore Suspense]

12:45 AM Angel Heart [Encore Black]

12:45 AM Saw IV [Independent Film Channel]

1:00 AM Night of the Demons (2010) [SyFy]

1:05 AM Contagion [TNT]

1:15 AM 28 Days Later [Starz Cinema]

2:05 AM Evil Dead (2013) [Encore Suspense]

2:25 AM Turbulence [HBO Zone]

2:40 AM Body Snatchers [HBO Signature]

3:00 AM Saw: The Final Chapter [SyFy]

3:10 AM Lake Mungo [HBO2]

3:15 AM The Depraved [The Movie Channel Extra]

3:40 AM John Carpenter's Vampires [Encore Suspense]

4:00 AM Crawlspace (2013) [Showtime Beyond]

4:10 AM In Their Skin [HBO Signature]

5:35 AM Dracula 3000 [Showtime Beyond]

6:30 AM Sea of Love [Sundance]

7:00 AM The Happening [FX]

7:55 AM Dragonfly [HBO Signature]

8:40 AM Constantine [MoreMax]

8:45 AM Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street [Independent Film Channel]

8:50 AM Secret Window [Encore Suspense]

10:00 AM The Mothman Prophecies [Starz]

10:35 AM Warm Bodies [ThrillerMax]

10:40 AM The Last Exorcism Part II [The Movie Channel Extra]

10:50 AM World War Z [Epix]

1:00 PM The Brood [Showtime Beyond]

2:00 PM House of Wax (2005) [HBO Zone]

2:20 PM Fire in the Sky [Encore]

3:45 PM The Lovely Bones [HBO]

3:50 PM Gremlins 2: The New Batch [Encore Suspense]

4:30 PM Vamps [Starz Comedy]

5:40 PM Secret Window [Encore Suspense]

6:00 PM World War Z [Epix]

6:05 PM Deep Rising [Showtime Showcase]

6:30 PM The Last Exorcism Part II [The Movie Channel Extra]

6:30 PM Jack the Reaper [Showtime Beyond]

7:00 PM Land of the Dead [Independent Film Channel]

8:05 PM 28 Days Later [Starz Cinema]

8:05 PM Sinister [The Movie Channel]

9:00 PM Beyond Re-Animator [Encore Suspense]

9:00 PM Stir of Echoes [Independent Film Channel]

10:00 PM The Quiet [Starz Cinema]

10:00 PM Stag Night [The Movie Channel]

10:20 PM Fire in the Sky [Encore]

10:40 PM Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Encore Suspense]

11:15 PM Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming [Independent Film Channel]

11:30 PM Barrio Tales [The Movie Channel]

11:40 PM Asylum (2005) [Flix]

11:55 PM The Colony [Starz in Black]

Tuesday 8/19:

12:10 AM Dawn of the Dead (2004) [ThrillerMax]

12:00 AM John Carpenter's Vampires [Encore]

12:10 AM Sleepy Hollow [ActionMax]

12:15 AM I Spit on Your Grave (2010) [Encore Suspense]

1:05 AM The Crow: City of Angels [The Movie Channel Extra]

1:10 AM Underworld [Starz Edge]

2:00 AM Rogue [TBS]

2:05 AM Beyond Re-Animator [Encore Suspense]

2:05 AM Unbreakable [Encore Black]

2:30 AM The Crow: Salvation [The Movie Channel Extra]

3:10 AM Triangle [Showtime 2]

3:25 AM Perfect Stranger [Starz]

3:40 AM The Ward [Showtime Extreme]

3:45 AM Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Encore Suspense]

3:50 AM The Fury [ThrillerMax]

3:55 AM The Cave [Encore Black]

4:05 AM Would You Rather [Cinemax]

4:15 AM Cockneys vs. Zombies [Showtime Beyond]

4:15 AM The Crow: Wicked Prayer [The Movie Channel Extra]

4:30 AM Tucker & Dale vs. Evil [Starz Comedy]

4:55 AM Pavement [MoreMax]

5:20 AM Gremlins 2: The New Batch [Encore Suspense]

6:15 AM An American Haunting [Independent Film Channel]

7:30 AM The Cabinet of Caligari [Fox Movie Channel]

8:15 AM Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming [Independent Film Channel]

8:40 AM The Village [Starz]

9:00 AM Hellboy [FX]

9:20 AM The Alligator People [Fox Movie Channel]

9:25 AM Sea Beast [Showtime Beyond]

10:15 AM Exorcist: The Beginning [Independent Film Channel]

10:40 AM R.I.P.D. [MoreMax]

12:20 PM Underworld [Starz Edge]

12:45 PM Deep Rising [Showtime Extreme]

12:45 PM Juan of the Dead [HBO Latino]

12:45 PM Unbreakable [Encore Black]

12:50 PM The Colony [Starz in Black]

2:00 PM Scary Movie [HBO Zone]

2:15 PM Scanners [Showtime Beyond]

2:35 PM The Cave [Encore Black]

2:45 PM Resident Evil [Encore]

3:30 PM The New Daughter [The Movie Channel Extra]

4:00 PM Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror [Showtime Beyond]

4:10 PM Beautiful Creatures [Cinemax]

4:15 PM Dark Skies [Showtime]

4:30 PM Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return [Showtime Beyond]

4:30 PM Red Riding: 1974 [Showtime Extreme]

5:00 PM Underworld: Awakening [Fox Movie Channel]

5:15 PM Prowl [HBO Zone]

5:30 PM Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return [Showtime Beyond]

6:25 PM Dream House [HBO Signature]

7:00 PM Underworld: Awakening [Fox Movie Channel]

8:00 PM Juan of the Dead [HBO Latino]

8:00 PM Shocker [ActionMax]

9:00 PM The Amityville Horror (1979) [Encore Classic]

9:00 PM The Dead Zone [Encore Suspense]

9:00 PM Warm Bodies [MoreMax]

9:35 PM Resident Evil [Encore]

10:35 PM An American Werewolf in London [Showtime Beyond]

10:45 PM Darkness [Encore Suspense]

10:45 PM Saw IV [Independent Film Channel]

10:50 PM The Purge [Cinemax]

11:05 PM Final Destination [Encore Classic]

11:30 PM No Tell Motel [Showtime 2]

11:45 PM Warning Sign [ActionMax]

11:55 PM Riddick [ThrillerMax]

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