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'Cult' Main Cast and Characters


Here is a list of the main cast and characters on the CW TV show Cult.

Matt Davis as Jeff Sefton

Matt Davis as Jeff in 'Cult'.
Photo: JSquared/The CW
Jeff is an investigative journalist who was dismissed from his prominent position at The Washington Post and is now stuck in a dead-end job at a smaller newspaper in the Los Angeles area. When his troubled younger brother Nate discovers something sinister about the TV show Cult and its rabid fan following, he suddenly vanishes, and Jeff goes on a mission to uncover the dark secret behind the television series.

Jessica Lucas as Skye Yarrow

Jessica Lucas as Skye in 'Cult'.
Photo: JSquared/The CW
Skye is a young research assistant for Cult whose TV newsman father disappeared conducting an investigation years earlier. Following in his investigative footsteps, she suspects something odd is going on with Cult's rabid fan base and teams up with Jeff on a mission to uncover the truth behind its appeal and how it relates to his brother's disappearance.

Alona Tal as Kelly Collins / Marti Gerritsen

Alona Tal as Kelly/Marti in 'Cult'.
Photo: JSquared/The CW
In the parallel worlds of this show-within-a-show, Kelly is an LAPD detective in the fictional television series Cult who finds herself investigating the activities of the cult she escaped from years ago, and Marti is the actress who plays Kelly.

Robert Knepper as Billy Grimm / Roger Reeves

Robert Knepper as Billy Grimm/Roger Reeves in 'Cult'.
Photo: JSquared/The CW
In the parallel worlds of this show-within-a-show, Billy Grimm is a compelling but ruthless cult leader in a fictional television series Cult, and Roger Reeves is the actor who portrays Billy.

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