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Horror Movies and TV Shows


Learn details about specific horror movies and TV shows, including upcoming movies, new releases, reviews, franchises and foreign horror movies.
  1. Upcoming Movies
  2. Released Movies
  3. New Releases
  4. Movie and DVD Reviews
  5. Top Pick Lists
  1. Franchises
  2. Foreign Movies
  3. TV Shows
  4. Theme Lists

Upcoming Movies

Find out what horror movies are coming soon to the theater and to DVD.

Released Movies

Details on horror and suspense movies that have been released in theaters and/or on DVD.

New Releases

Lost Boys: The Tribe

Find out what new horror/suspense movies and DVDs are being released this week.

Movie and DVD Reviews

Read reviews of horror and suspense movies and DVD releases.

Top Pick Lists

Read lists of the best or worst that horror movies have to offer.


Details on the major horror and suspense movie franchises.

Foreign Movies


Learn about the history of horror movies made outside the United States.

TV Shows


Discover details on past and present horror and suspense TV shows.

Theme Lists

Read lists of the movies in specific themes or categories.

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