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'Girls Against Boys' Movie Review

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


'Girls Against Boys' movie poster.
© Anchor Bay
Not nearly as playful as the title implies, Girls Against Boys is a modern take on the "rape-and-revenge" exploitation fare of the '70s, exemplified in films like I Spit on Your Grave and The Last House on the Left, with a hip edge.

The Plot

Fresh off of getting dumped by her older, married boyfriend, New York college student Shae (Danielle Panabaker) heads off for a night on the town with her newfound friend Lu (Nicole LaLiberte) to drown her sorrows. They end up meeting three young men, and when Shae takes a cab ride home with one of them, he forces himself on her. She reports the crime to the police, but unsatisfied by the outcome, Shae falls under the free-spirited Lu's spell, and the two seek violent retribution. But as Lu's bloodlust veers out of control, Shae must decide how far she's willing to go and what she can do about her deadly friendship.

The End Result

L-R: Nicole LaLiberte and Danielle Panabaker in 'Girls Against Boys'.

L-R: Nicole LaLiberte and Danielle Panabaker in 'Girls Against Boys'.

© Anchor Bay
Girls Against Boys is an engaging hodgepodge of "lethal ladies" films of the past, like I Spit on Your Grave meets Thelma & Louise meets Single White Female that makes up in energy and strong performances what it lacks in originality. LaLiberte in particular shines as the antihero who devolves into a straight-up villain, imbuing the character with a catlike playfulness and volatile edge.

Despite its touchy subject matter, Girls Against Boys is not as explicit -- sexually or violently -- as it could've been, and it's refreshing to see a horror movie show some restraint for once. The script, however, has some shortcomings -- especially in its explanation (or lack thereof) of Shae's willingness to go down such a dark path so readily. Also, while you can read a female empowerment message in the plot, there's something a bit off-putting about the film being written and directed by a man (Austin Chick) who has the two female leads walking around in tight, revealing clothes and high heels and snuggling in bed in their underwear like they're in one of his wet dreams.

That said, the direction has an effective indie grit about about it, the pace is quick, and the plot stops short of becoming so dark and depressing it hinders the entertainment factor.

The Skinny

  • Acting: B- (LaLiberte makes for a charismatic villain.)
  • Direction: C+ (The tone is a bit uneven, but there's a likable indie vibe.)
  • Script: C (A lack of background information makes some actions feel dubious.)
  • Gore/Effects: C (Surprisingly not very explicit.)
  • Overall: C+ (A flawed but satisfying revenge flick..)

Girls Against Boys is directed by Austin Chick and is rated R by the MPAA for violence, some sexual content/nudity and language. Release date: February 1, 2013.

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