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Sharks - Information About Sharks - Marine Life - About.com
Sharks are some of the most popular, most-feared, and misunderstood creatures in the ocean. Learn more about sharks, including types of sharks, information ...
List of Shark Species and Facts - Marine Life - About.com
Sharks are cartilaginous fish in the Class Elasmobranchii. There are about 400 species of sharks. Below are some of these species, with facts about each.
Hawaii's Sharks - Common Species - Hawaii Travel - About.com
A guide to the many species of sharks that are found in the waters of Hawaii.
Prehistoric Sharks and Shark Evolution - Dinosaurs - About.com
If you went back in time and looked at the first, unremarkable prehistoric sharks of the Ordovician period--about 420 million years ago--you might never guess ...
10 Different Types of Hammerhead Sharks - Marine Life - About.com
Hammerhead sharks are unmistakable - they have a unique hammer- or shovel- shaped head that makes them easily recognizable from other sharks.
Sharks - Questions and Answers About Sharks - Marine Life
Learn about sharks through this round-up of shark questions and answers, including how fast can a shark swim, what is the largest shark, and more.
Hammerhead Sharks Profile - Marine Life - About.com
Jun 30, 2012 ... Learn about hammerhead sharks, and why their head has such a unique hammer shape.
Images of Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa
Diving with the Great White Sharks in South Africa is one of the best adventure travel options Africa has to offer. It's a bit like experiencing a shark attack without  ...
Tiger Shark Profile - Marine Life - About.com
Tiger sharks get their name from the stripes and spots along their side. These markings are obvious in young sharks but fade as the shark ages. Other names for ...
Do Sharks Lay Eggs? - Marine Life - About.com
Bony fish produce large numbers of eggs that may scatter throughout the ocean, sometimes getting eaten by predators along the way. In contrast, sharks (which ...
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