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The Innkeepers Movie Review - Ti West Ghost Film Starring Sara ...
Review of the Ti West ghost movie 'The Innkeepers', starring Sara Paxton.
Sara Paxton and Pat Healy in The Innkeepers Movie Photos ...
Photos from the Ti West horror movie 'The Innkeepers', starring Sara Paxton.
Sara Paxton in 'Shark Night 3D' - Horror Movies - About.com
Sara Paxton in 'Shark Night 3D'. Sara Paxton in 'Shark Night 3D'. - Photo: Steve Dietl Incentive. Sara Paxton in 'Shark Night 3D'.
Aquamarine Movie - Sara Paxton on Aquamarine and Mermaids
Sara Paxton talks about the movie Aquamarine, playing a mermaid, her costume and her Aquamarine co-stars.
The Last House on the Left - Sara Paxton Interview
Sara Paxton talks about The Last House on the Left, the 2009 remake of the 1972 Wes Craven horror movie, tackling a horror movie, her action scenes, and ...
Aquamarine Movie Photos - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Photos from the movie, Aquamarine, featuring Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton.
Sleepover Movie - Sara Paxton and Scout Taylor-Compton Interview
On screen, Scout Taylor-Compton and Sara Paxton play members of two rival girl groups who battle it out for the 'cool' table at high school in "Sleepover," a teen ...
Sara Paxton Photo - Aquamarine Movie Premiere - Hollywood Movies
Photo of Sara Paxton at the premiere of the movie Aquamarine.
JoJo, Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton, Aquamarine Movie Photos
Photos from the Los Angeles Premiere of the movie Aquamarine featuring photos of Emma Roberts, Joanna JoJo Levesque, Sara Paxton, Jake McDorman, ...
Sara Paxton Photo - Sydney White Movie Sara Paxton Photo
Photo of Sara Paxton from the movie Sydney White.
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