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What Does the Bible Say About Cremation and Burial? - Christianity
Cremation versus burial: With the cost of funeral expenses today, many people are choosing cremation over burial, but what does the Bible say?
Cremation in Judaism - Burial of Cremated Ashed - Ask the Reform ...
Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser answers a question about cremation in Judaism. How can a Jewish cemetery allow the burial of cremated ashes when cremation is ...
Ask the Reform Rabbi - Jewish Burial in a Christian Cemetery
I am a Jew, and my children have been raised as Jews within the Reform movement. According to Judaism, can a Jew be buried in a Christian cemetery?
Ask the Rabbi - Burial of Non-Jews in Jewish Cemeteries
Question: Can some non-Jews - such as intermarried - be buried in Jewish cemeteries? Would a Reform rabbi allow the burial of a non-Jew in a Jewish ...
How to Avoid Burying the Lede of Your News Story - Journalism
That's called burying the lede, and it's something that beginning journalists have done for eons, and something that drives editors absolutely nuts. So how can ...
Ask the Reform Rabbi - Will I be denied burial in a Jewish cemetery ...
Am I allowed by Jewish law to get a tattoo? If I get a tattoo, can I still be buried in a Jewish cemetery?
Burial & Burial Customs: How do the Bible and Religion Present ...
Proper burial was important in ancient religions, so it's only natural that they receive attention throughout the Bible. Use of above-ground tombs in caves is ...
How the Romans Buried (or Cremated) Their Dead
Romans could bury or burn their dead, practices known as inhumation (burial) and cremation (burning), but at certain times one practice was preferred over ...
Islamic Funerals - About.com Islam
Description of Islamic funeral rites, including care for the dying, funeral prayers, burial, and mourning.
Burial of Jesus (Mark 15:42-47) - Analysis and Commentary
Jesus' burial is important because without it, there can be no tomb from which Jesus can arise in three days. It's also historically implausible: crucifixion was ...
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