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Mark H. Harris

First Trailers for World War Z and Warm Bodies!

By November 9, 2012

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World War Z
Brad Pitt in World War Z.
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2012 was a slow year for theatrically released zombie movies, but 2013 seems like it might fix that within the first half of the year, with Warm Bodies (February 1) and World War Z (June 21) each scheduled for wide release. Now, we've got our first look at the trailers for both films, and they couldn't appear farther apart on the zombie spectrum. While the Warm Bodies trailer has a romantic comedy vibe, the World War Z trailer screams big blockbuster action. 

You'll notice, unfortunately, that in neither of those descriptions do I mention the word "horror." Both films look potentially entertaining in their own way, but neither seems especially grounded in the genre you'd assume would be the foundation for a zombie movie. Even worse news for traditional zombie cinema fans is that: A) both are (or will be) rated PG-13, B) both feature "fast" zombies and C) both feature CGI zombies. Shudder. Granted, only some of the zombies in Warm Bodies are fast  and computer-generated -- the less evolved, skeletal creatures dubbed "boneys" -- and only some of the zombies in WWZ are of the CGI variety, although the trailer, sadly, barely shows any that aren't.

While I've always yearned for a big-budget zombie apocalypse spectacle of a movie, I've got to think that at this point, Warm Bodies is the safer bet. WWZ is just give me creeping I Am Legend flashbacks (with even a hint of one of the lesser Resident Evil flicks), and I fear that Brad Pitt just doesn't have the screen presence or acting range to sell what should be a roller coaster of emotions. Plus, I can no longer look at him with that beard and hair and not think of his Chanel ad.


November 14, 2012 at 8:23 am
(1) Kurt Kyre says:

World War Zzzzz…Zzzzz… Zzzzz…. Okay, maybe not many Z’s will be caught during this film, but I have to say that outside of Brad Pitt’s flat as paper acting, apparent in the trailer, the action seems to be isolated to wide screen shots of mass hordes of zombies, being destroyed by A-10 Tank Killers.
I do not see any of the story told in retrospect, as in Brooks’ novel. That was what I thought would make the movie more challenging emotionally, is the characters telling how it began, and perhaps bringing up to present day. What we have here is something that the studio execs got a hold of, and the end result is a huge picture with lots of bang, but no sizzle. I’m tempted to wait on this one.

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