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Ready for Two New Paranormal Activity Movies Next Year?

By October 22, 2012

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Paranormal Activity
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It sounds like overkill, but it doesn't come as much of a surprise that there will be not one, but TWO Paranormal Activity movies in 2013. It's been known for several months that there will be a Latino-targeted "cousin" to the storyline in the PA franchise, but now there's official word that, despite a disappointing opening gross for PA 4, there will also be a Paranormal Activity 5. Deadline is reporting that, like the previous films, the fifth entry will open in October, while the Latino spinoff -- which was teased in an uneventful bumper after the credits in PA 4 -- will hit theaters in the spring. 

The Latino pic will be primarily in English and, like the 2010 Japanese sequel/spinoff/whatever Paranormal Activity 2: Baywatch Tokyo Night, it will feature the same demonic spirit ("Toby") from the franchise. However, unlike Tokyo Night -- which was filmed independently in Japan and merely received the blessing of the American producers -- this spinoff will be made by the same creative team responsible for the previous PA films (i.e., producers Jason Blum and Oren Pell and writer Christopher Landon, who will also take on directing duties). Frankly, my biggest hope for the "cousin" -- other than it being scarier than PA 4 -- is that it answers some questions left hanging at the end of the last film.

As for Paranormal Activity 5, could there be a clue as to what the plot will be on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of someone named "Jacob Degloshi"? It's obvious from the posts that he's a character created as part of the PA storyline, but it's not quite clear if/where he'll fit on a final big-screen product. I can only speculate that he'll be a primary character in PA 5, in part because he and his family don't appear to be Latino and thus wouldn't be the stars of the offshoot. Anyway, you can follow his continuing story on his social networking accounts, and judge for yourself. Thus far, we've seen his 14-year-old daughter Sarah moving into his home in Henderson, Nevada (the setting for PA 4), bringing with her an old 1988 VHS tape of Katie and Krisiti (taken AFTER the events of PA 3) that seems to be accompanied by a malevolent spirit. Sarah, incidentally, is the friend of PA 4's Alex who was seen briefly in the film playing Kinect with her, Ben and the boys. The plot thickens...

Source: Deadline


October 22, 2012 at 2:34 pm
(1) Steve says:

“despite a disappointing opening gross for PA 4″

$30 million in the US and $26.5 million domestically on a budget of around $5 million is still a win. Not as good as the take for PA3, but far from a disappointment.

October 22, 2012 at 4:17 pm
(2) horror says:

@Steve – The amount was well down from both PA2 and PA3; this was discussed in the linked post. Please refer there.

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